OMG Another Post Today!

I decided to post again because I did two great things today.

1 – I decided against eating the wasabi crackers in my desk that I love so much. I wasn’t hungry, there was no reason to eat them and while that’s normally my cue to shove them directly into my belly, I actually kept them in their drawer to be eaten at a later date.

2 – I went for a run that I could’ve easily talked myself out of. It was beautiful outside and the path I run regularly was perfect for this weather. If you’re in Chicago and work in the loop, I highly recommend the path next to the lake below Michigan Ave and Congress. Take that all the way to the Museum Campus and either turn around or run around there if you’ve got time. Perfect.

Actually I did 3 great things, because I actually put on my suntan lotion before I went out so as to stop the sunburn insanity before it goes any further. I had a bit of a gigantic brain fart last weekend and this happened:

No I am not wearing a white tubetop.

Such a dumb ass.

So, just so I don’t forget what half of this is all about – here are some tunes to download and accompany you on your runs, walks, elliptical sessions and danceathons:

Bomba Estereo – Fuego (Un Mano Azul Mix)

Crystal Castles – Celestica (Thurston Moore Remix)

Or download the entire workout mixtape from the folks over at All Things Go (which is a great music blog for those of you into the tuneage).


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